April 2020


Discovered the mass immersion approach (MIA) from Matt vs. Japan’s YT channel. And soon after, started following it.


I knew immersion learning was key, but I had no real plan or structure to my immersion. MIA led me to other people’s experiences with immersion. Some of them had crazy workflows with long days of active immersion. Whereas others were a bit more relaxed while still maintaining a structure and schedule.

The major thing I got out of this was control. I now had a specific name for all the activities I did when I immersed. These include active immersion, passive immersion, background immersion, mining 1T (1 target / i+1) sentences, intensive immersion, free-flow immersion and many more such terms.

Also watched many of Stephen Krashen’s videos. He’s the guy who popularized the comprehensible input hypothesis. If memory serves, he stated in a lecture that someone else had already published a paper on it before him, but I’m not entirely sure.